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Colonial Jug Canisters

These unique canisters are made completely by hand. The methods used date back to Colonists in the 

1600's, who settled at Williamsburg in the Virginia Colony. These canisters are made with as little 

machining as possible, so flaws are present and are part of the craft. 

  • ALL of our canisters are 100% HANDMADE by US, in our hometown workshop!

  • The wood in our canisters is a natural de-humidifier, ensuring your food items stay fresh for months!

  • Our canisters are mold and mildew resistant!

  • Available in different sizes to suit your needs!

  • Available in two different finishes to match your decor! 

Nothing makes a better gift than these beautifully crafted, one of a kind Colonial Jug Canisters! 

Great for Weddings, Housewarming Gifts, Birthdays, or even as a great gift basket, 

that you can fill with your own of goodies!! 

For some great gift basket ideas, check out our blog, coming soon!

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