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Colonial Jug Canisters

These unique canisters are made completely by hand. The methods used date back to Colonists in the 1600's, who settled at Williamsburg in the Virginia Colony. These canisters are made with as little machining as possible, so flaws are present and are part of the craft.

  • The Wood Is A Natural De-Humidifier
  • This Canister is made from a one gallon cider jug
  • You Will NEVER Have Mold or Mildew!!!!!
  • Food will stay fresh for MONTHS
  • Great WEDDING or BIRTHDAY gift
  • One of the best HOUSE WARMING GIFTS that can actually be used every day.
  • Store all of your pet treats large and small
  • Of course the best COOKIE JAR. You can see when you are running low.
  • Great For The Kitchen, Bathroom, Or Anywhere Else You Need To Store Dry Goods

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